Meijer Holland develops new bale grab for the bulk of the work! The Fred 3-4 Heavy Duty

Meijer Holland has expanded its delivery program with a heavy bale grab for the bulk of the work. It is about the Fred 3-4HD. Some parts that are subjected to wear are extra reinforced compared to the standard Fred bale grab. Moreover, the wearing parts can easily be replaced by new spare parts. This makes the Fred 3-4HD ready for tens of thousands of bales.

The Fred 3-4HD is a variant of the commonly used Fred 3-4. Market demand has led to this Heavy Duty version. With the Fred 3-4HD, Meijer Holland wants to reach agricultural contractors and fodder traders, who want more than the performance of the current bale grabs on the market.

What makes the Fred 3-4HD appropriate for large-scale users?

  • exchangeable and heavy axles (with hooks), which makes wearing parts replaceable
  • heavy cylinder
  • reinforced cylinder mounting
  • reinforced lower corners
  • two removable beams on the side of the grab, to additionally support the upper bale. These can also be retracted for loading.


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