About us

Meijer Holland Bale Handling Systems has a full program of bale grabs and bale collectors for straw, hay and wrapped bales. The handling systems can be used for front loaders, telescopic machines, fork lift trucks and wheel loaders.

Meijer Holland & Jansen&Heuning

In 2011 Meijer Holland was taken over by the industry partner Jansen&Heuning. Machine factory Jansen&Heuning is a medium-sized company. Small enough to bring the possibilities of the design and the production department in tune with the requirements of the customer. Large enough to bring large-scale projects to a perfect finish within the agreed deadline.


In which sectors is Jansen&Heuning active?

Jansen&Heuning produces machines for the handling of bulk (food, peat processing, recycling, sand, gravel and concrete) and for the handling of agricultural products (patato, onion, grain). After the takeover of Meijer Holland in 2011, our agricultural product range was expanded with bale grabs and bale collectors.

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