Description Flintstone bale collector

If you want to optimize collecting big bales on the field, the Flintstone bale collector is the right machine. Connected with a platform behind your press, the Flintstone will stack 2 bales on the field.

Bale dimensions

  • 120 cm wide
  • 240 cm long
  • 70 till 90 cm high

De Flintstone is also available for bales of 80 cm wide – Flintstone 80 cm.


  • combined with the Fred bale grab the processing of big bales is twice as fast
  • complete mechanical system powered by the force of your press


The first bale glides over the platform and tilts into the collector, pushing the spring loaded bottom down. The second bale will glide over the first bale, making a stack of 2 bales. The third bale will push the 2 stacked bales against the sensor, unlocking the stop and moving it to the side. The 2 stacked bales are being unloaded and the third bale will push the roller bottom down again, starting the process all over.

Connecting at the back of the press

The platform is connected to the press with only 2 bolts. At the other side of the platform is a pin, to be connected to the hinge bearing of the collector Flintstone.


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