Description Fred 3-4 Heavy Duty bale grab

The Fred 3-4 Heavy Duty bale grab is a variant of the commonly used Fred 3-4 bale grab. The Fred 3-4HD is for intensive use and grabs 3 of 4 big straw or hay bales.

  • exchangeable and heavy axels (with hooks), which makes wearing parts replaceable
  • heavy cylinder
  • reinforced cylinder mounting
  • reinforced lower corners
  • two removable beams on the side of the grab, to additionally support the fourth bale of 0f 90 cm or fifth bale of 70 cm high. These can also be retracted for loading.

The Heavy Duty version has 12 hooks on the axles and 3 conical bushes for mounting the straight removable pins.


  • removable brackets
  • removable front loader tines
  • hydraulic hoses + couplings
  • overpressure relief valve

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