Description Rambo 3 bale grab

The Rambo picks up a maximum of three large straw or hay bales longways. The bale grab is connected to the hydraulic system of a telescopic handler, front loader, wheel loader or crane. The grab is not suitable for use on slopes.

Suitable for

  • unloading bales
  • 3 bales of 120 cm wide

Performed with

  • 12 specially developed hooks made of high quality steel
  • 2 hydraulic automatic valves give the possibility that the bales can be grabbed separately
  • 1 cylinder and 4 hooks for each bale
  • a fixed frame and therefore not foldable

Advantages Rambo 3 bale grab

  • the hooks turn deeply into the bales, and clamp and pull them tight against the main frame
  • very strong and reliable bale grab
  • save time by handling 3 bales simultaneously


  • removable brackets
  • 2 hydraulic hoses and couplings
  • overpressure relief valve


Agricultural contractor Erhard Meyer at Hude, Germany

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