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Meijer Holland, a Jansen&Heuning brand, is responsible for the production and the supply of a full range of bale grabs and collectors for straw, hay and silage.


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Rambo 6 loads 150 big bales per hour

At the beginning of this year, Agrarlohn Müritz GmbH became the happy owner of the seventh Meijer Holland bale grab. After the Fred 3-4 (2x), the Rambo 3 (2x) and the Rambo 4, the Rambo 6 became part of the machine equipment. The agricultural contractor, which is based in the North-East of Germany, came to Meijer Holland because they were looking for strong bale grabs.

“The Rambo 6 meets all our expectations. The grab works well, allowing us to collect and load approximately 150 big bales per hour.”

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