The best way to handle bales of straw, silage and hay


Meijer Holland Bale Handling Systems

Handling bales of hay, straw or silage takes time. Meijer Holland bale grabs and bale collectors help you to collect large and small bales faster, safer and easier.


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Al sinds de jaren 70 levert Meijer Holland balenklemmen en balenverzamelaars door heel Europa. Benieuwd wat klanten over ons zeggen? Lees het hier.

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Rambo 6 loads 150 big bales per hour

At the beginning of this year, Agrarlohn Müritz GmbH became the happy owner of the seventh Meijer Holland bale grab. After the Fred 3-4 (2x), the Rambo 3 (2x) and the Rambo 4, the Rambo 6 became part of the machine equipment. The agricultural contractor, which is based in the North-East of Germany, came to Meijer Holland because they were looking for strong bale grabs.

“The Rambo 6 meets all our expectations. The grab works well, allowing us to collect and load approximately 150 big bales per hour.”

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