Meijer machines available in desired colors

Even though we are very proud of our own colours, if the customer wants to, Meijer Holland can also supply machines in different colors. This year, we have already delivered various bale grabs in different colors than yellow.

For a Swiss customer, the Rambo 2 bale grab has been powder coated Fendt red.

“Die Zange ist heute angekommen, sensationell!”

Marius Lips
Samuel Zimmermann Bauernhof, Switserland


Also in Austria there was also a desire to powder coat the bale grabs in Fend colors. This time Fendt grey for end customer Zech Agrar.

“The bale grabs have been delivered at Zech a few weeks ago. So far the bale grabs have been working satisfactorily. But due to the high weights, we are going to wait and see how it will go this season!”

Martin Schneider
Schneider Technikvertriebs-und Service GmbH, Oostenrijk


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