Description Limo Hydra 8 bale collector

The Limo Hydra 8 is a hydraulic bale collector for 8 bales. Connected to a platform at the back of a small bale press, the Limo Hydra 8 makes a package of 8 bales on the field. The machine is very reliable and is capable of keeping up with your bale press easily. Optimal to be used in combination with the Meijer KM 8 bale grab. Together with the Meijer Holland “follow car”, you can even collect 16 bales.

The Limo Hydra is not suitable on slopes and very uneven ground.
Using short hay might cause wrapping around the roll.


  • bales will not be dragged over the ground
  • hydraulic drive of the rollers. Other processing inside the machine is fully mechanical
  • wide wheels
  • reliable process
  • larger capacity compared to the Limo Mecha



The collector has 2 compartments. In the first compartment the bales are pushed to the side and after that a touch is activated and the first 4 bales will go to the second compartment. After collecting another 4 bales in the first compartment, both touches are pushed down and 8 bales will be discharged. A hydraulic drive motor will give the rollers the right speed to discharge these bales quick and tight together.

Also available: the Limo Hydra 15M for short bales of about 85 cm.

*Ask us about the possibilities for different bale sizes.

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