Description Meijer KM 8 bale grab

The Meijer KM 8 is the bale grab to pick up 8 small bales simultaneous. Standard the KM 8 is made for picking up bales longitudinal on the field, on a truck or from a stack. In a pattern of 2×4 bales next to each other. The bale grab is provided with a two-way hydraulic cylinder, making the use of springs not necessary.



  • standard executed with (red) dismountable arm to push the package of eight bales together
  • depending on the skills and experience of the driver, the bales can be quickly processed

The KM 8 is good to be used in combination with a Limo Hydra 8 bale collector. This collector makes the right pattern for the KM 8 and it will give you high efficiency.

Also available: the Meijer KM 15M for short bales of about 85 cm.

*Ask us about the possibilities for different bale sizes.

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