Description Meijer KM8 bale grab

The Meijer KM8 bale grab picks up 8 small straw or hay bales at a time. The bales are clamped in 2 rows of 4 bales next to each other, longitudinal of the machine. The grab is connected to the hydraulic system of a telescopic handler, front loader, wheel loader or crane.

Suitable for

  • 8 bales with the dimensions:
  • length 105 cm
  • width 50 cm
  • height 40 cm

Performed with

  • double-acting cylinder
  • red guide arm right

Advantages Meijer KM8 bale grab

  • the bales lay tight through the red guide arm
  • fast processing of small bales


  • removable brackets
  • 2 hydraulic hoses and couplings
  • overpressure relief valve


The KM 8 is good to be used in combination with a Limo Hydra 8 bale collector. This collector makes the right pattern for the KM 8 and it will give you high efficiency.

Also available: the Meijer KM 15M for short bales of about 85 cm.

*Ask us about the possibilities for different bale sizes.

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