British bale merchant back to Meijer Holland

Over the past 30 years, Philip Pool of Wyse House Campsite bought a Fred 2-3, a Fred 3-4, a Jumbo CKM 3 and two Flintstones for his bale merchant. Now he came to Meijer Holland in Groningen to get information about the current Fred-series and the Fred 3-4 Heavy Duty in particular. 

Fred 3-4 Heavy Duty

The Fred went along for almost 30 years. He transported countles bales of hay and straw. Now the Fred bale grab of Philp Pool really needs to be replaced.

Philip Pool is from Malton, not far from York (UK). Wyse House Farm is one of the larger hay and straw traders in Yorkshire. Since 2002, he has specialized in supplying horse farms in his region. His biggest customer has no fewer than 300 horses. The Fred bale grab is therefore used intensively. Of course, some wear could not be avoided, specially where the parts are moving. The welding machines had to be used several times. That is why Pool bought the Fred 3-4 Heavy Duty:

‘That the axles are replaceable is really a perfect idea. I never saw anything like that before. I think it is worth the money. We try one and see how it goes.’


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