Photo contest Meijer Holland

Let’s make this baling season fun and exciting! Participate in our photo contest by submitting a picture of your Meijer Holland bale grab or bale collector (in action!) and win up to €500,-. At the end of the baling season 2022, a total of twelve winners will be contacted!

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About the photo contest

Enter our photo contest simply by submitting a photo of Meijer Holland baling equipment. This baling season, you are the photographer; so be creative and think outside the box. The better quality, composition and the scenery, the bigger the chance to win! 

Tip: make your photos horizontally and make it an action shot while baling!

The winner will be chosen at the end of the baling season, on 1 October 2022, by a competent jury chosen by Meijer Holland.

Contest rules

  • The photo must show a Meijer Holland bale grab or bale collector;

  • No other brands or companies are promoted on the photo, with the exception of your tractor/machine. Also, no persons visible without their permission;

  • By submitting your photo and participating in the competition, you give Meijer Holland permission to use the photo for marketing purposes. You declare that the photograph was taken by you, or that you have permission to submit the photo. Meijer Holland is not liable for copyright claims by third parties;

  • Winners may be visited by Meijer Holland for a short interview and/or a ‘winners photo’.


There will be a total of 12 winners! The total prize pool is a whopping €1700,-!

Submit your photo!

Use the form below to participate. After your submission, we will add your photo as soon as possible! 

    File too big?

    Use or Google Drive to submit your photo. Send it to Or send the photo and your details via a DM on Facebook!

    You can also resize the picture by 50%, by using this tool. After that, re-upload it on this page!


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