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Let’s make this baling season fun and exciting! Participate in our photo contest by submitting a picture of your Meijer Holland bale grab or bale collector (in action!) and win up to €500,-. At the end of the baling season 2022, a total of twelve winners will be contacted!

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About the photo contest

Enter our photo contest simply by submitting a photo of Meijer Holland baling equipment. This baling season, you are the photographer; so be creative and think outside the box. The better quality, composition and the scenery, the bigger the chance to win! 

Tip: make your photos horizontally and make it an action shot while baling!


There will be a total of 12 winners! The total prize pool is a whopping €1700,-!

The 2022 photo contest has ended! 

Next year you can enter the new photo contest again. Of course, photos are still welcome. You can mail them to

The result:

1. WINNER S. Wolthoff Dienstverlening (€500,-)
2. RUNNER-UP Bioenergie Wessel GmbH&Co KG (€200,-)
3. Agrarlohn Müritz (€100,-)
4. Wagner Agrarservice (€100,-)
5. Bekkema handelsonderneming (€100,-)
6. Mts. IJpema (€100,-)
7. MTS Lubbersen (€100,-)
8. Winfried Fleckenstein Landwirt (€100,-)
9. Verschoor (€100,-)
10. Niels Kloezeman (€100,-)
11. Vof hendriksen (€100,-)
12. Robert-Jan Geertse (€100,-)

Participants & TOP 12 results:

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