Meijer Holland also attracts a lot of attention in France

Wibout Hofstede comes from Lageland, near the city Groningen. “We had an arable farm there and sold it in 2001 to make a new start in France. Now we have an agriculture company with grain and grain maize. In Lageland we pressed small bales of straw and used the Meijer system. The system itself is very simple and easy to use.”

In Chavannes, France, the family presses yearly between 2500 and 5000 small bales for sale. “It is not a very big market, but over the years we have built up a clientele. Here in France, they mainly press large bales and round bales for cattle farms elsewhere in France.”

“We have been using the Meijer system, that consists of the Limo Mecha and Meijer KM 8, for years. Once we thought of buying a newer version, but so far this works well. We know Meijer especially from the time they were settled in Ten Post.”

The Limo Mecha has been at least 40 years old, but is also doing well in France. “The bale collector always attracts a lot of attention”

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