Meijer Holland has been taken over in 2011

Ten Post/Groningen

Meijer Holland has been taken over by Jansen & Heuning in Groningen, Holland. The company in Ten Post, Holland employs ten people. At 1 March 2011 all employees were taken over by Jansen & Heuning with42 employees.

In 2011 all activities will be continued in Ten Post. In 2012 the work will be moved to the company of Jansen & Heuning in Groningen.

In April 2009 founder and owner Tom Meijer passed away unexpectedly at the age of 61. The heirs appointed Albert Waarsing as interim manager. He states that Meijer Holland is a profitable company, developing and producing grabs for bales. The company has sales in Holland and a lot international.

Jansen & Heuning in Groningen produces pick-up units for potatoes and bulk handling systems for all kind of bulk products. Jansen & Heuning is also internationally orientated.

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