Description Jumbo VR2 Wrapped bale grab

The Jumbo VR2 picks up one or two wrapped regular or round bales. The grab arms each have an outward stroke of 45 cm and the arms slide through two U-profiles under the pressure of two cylinders. This makes the grab extra strong. The grab is connected to the hydraulic system of a telescopic handler, front loader, wheel loader or forklift.

Suitable for

  • 1 or 2 bales with a clamping range of:
  • 100 to 190 cm
  • 118 to 208 cm
  • 135 to 225 cm

Performed with

  • 2 grab arms with a length of 112 cm
  • 2 cylinders, 1 for each grab arm
  • controlled non-return valve
  • plastic guide on the extendable parts
  • overpressure relief valve

Advantages Jumbo VR2 bale grab

  • no damage to the foil of the bale, thanks to two specially developed grab arms
  • the cylinders can be placed in three different positions, which increases the clamping range
  • the non-return valve ensures that the bales remain clamped when the oil pressure drops
  • plastic guide on the extendable parts prevents wear
  • very suitable for contractors


  • removable brackets
  • 2 hydraulic hoses and couplings

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