Description Jumbo CKM1 Wrapped bale grab

The Jumbo CKM1 picks up one firm, wrapped, rectangular or round bale. The bale is clamped widthwise. The grab is connected to the hydraulic system of a telescopic handler, front loader, wheel loader or lift truck.

Suitable for

  • 1 bale with the dimensions:
    • length 160 cm
    • width 80 -125 cm
    • heigh 70 -120 cm

Performed with

  • an adjustable arm that clamps the bale from above
  • a controlled non-return valve
  • overpressure relief valve

Advantages Jumbo CKM1 wrapped bale grab

  • the rotating red roller on the arm ensures the correct movement over the bale
  • no damage to the foil of the bale
  • the non-return valve ensures that the bale remains clamped when the oil pressure drops
  • can also clamp a firm straw or hay bale


  • removable brackets
  • 2 hydraulic hoses and couplings

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