User manuals

Here you will find the manuals for Meijer Holland machines. Do you have any questions about the manual? Please contact us.

Big bales Small bales Wrapped bales
Flintstone Meijer KM8 Jumbo RBK
Fred 2-3 & 3-4 Limo Hydra Jumbo KK1-2
Rambo 3 Jumbo CKM 1-2-3
Rambo 6K


Would you like to know more about our bale grabs and bale collectors for large, small or wrapped bales? Read our brochures!

Complete brochure Meijer Holland

Big bales Small bales Wrapped bales
Fred series Small bales Jumbo VR series
Collecting big bales Jumbo CKM series
Rambo series
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