Especially made for the processing of big bales with a fork lift truck is the Super Fred. The Super Fred can pick up 3 bales and lift them together to the horizontal position. The Super Fred is a bale grab to stack and handle big bales. It is provided with a hydraulic circuit to be connected to the hydraulic system of your fork lift truck.

The Super Fred is suitable for

  • 3 bales of 90 cm high
  • 4 bales of 70 cm high (when the clamp is not used in horizontal position)

The grab has 12 hooks pickung up the bales and 3 conical bushes for mounting straight removable pins



      • all bales are held by the hooks
      • the special developed hook of high quality steel turns deep into the bale and pushes this tight to the main frame
      • unlimited stacking possibilities
      • trucks can be loaded horizontal and vertical


  • removable brackets
  • removable frontloader tines with a¬† length of 95 cm
  • hydraulic hoses and couplings
  • overpressure relief valve

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