Rambo bale grab (8)

Grabbing a row of big bales

The Rambo of Meijer Holland collects big straw or hay bales one by one and loads them together. Standard available in ten versions:

  • you can choose the number of bales per grab. We have bale grabs for 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 bales
  • you can choose a bale grab that grabs bales in the transverse direction (“D” in the type number)
  • the bale grabs for 6 and 7 bales are also available with a foldable main frame (“K” in the type number)

This results in the following type numbers:
Rambo 2, 2D, 3, 4, 4D, 6, 6D, 6KD, 7K

Special versions are available on request.

About Meijer Holland

Handling bales of hay, straw or silage takes time. Meijer Holland's bale grabs and bale collectors help you collect large and small bales faster, safer and easier. Meijer Holland Bale Handling Systems has been supplying bale grabs and bale collectors for straw, hay and silage bales since the 1970s.

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