Rambo bale grab (8)

Grabbing a row of big bales

The Rambo of Meijer Holland collects big straw or hay bales one by one and loads them together. Standard available in ten versions:

  • you can choose the number of bales per grab. We have bale grabs for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 bales
  • you can choose a bale grab that grabs bales in the transverse direction (“D” in the type number)
  • the bale grabs for 6 and 7 bales are also available with a foldable main frame (“K” in the type number)

This results in the following type numbers:
Rambo 2, 2D, 3, 4, 4D, 5, 6, 6D, 6KD, 7K

Special versions are available on request.

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