Rambo 3 – practical, reliable and stable

The agricultural contractor Agrar-Service Erhard Meyer from Low Saxon Hude in district Oldenburg (Germany) has been working with Meijer Holland Rambo 3 bale grab for years. Ten years ago, the company made its first acquisition at Meijer Holland. Since then, the agricultural contractor has expanded his property with another two bale grabs of Meijer Holland.

Agrar-Service Erhard Meyer especially appreciates that the bales can be gripped in the driving direction. The stability of the frame is very satisfactory – and also required, because the Rambo 3 collects heavy bales of 450 kg each.

Jens Fürsen, who often works with the Rambo 3 on the field, adds that it is practical and efficient not to stop fully, because the bales can be gripped if you drive. Another advantage for Jens Fürsen is that there is no need for electronics, because the Rambo 3 is equipped with a hydraulic system.

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