he Fred 3-4 is designed for using on a front loader, wheel loader, telescopic machine or crane. It can stack and transport 3 till 4 big straw or hay bales. The Fred 3-4 is provided with a hydraulic circuit that is connected to the hydraulic system of your machine.

The Fred 3-4 is suitable for:

  • 3 bales of 90 cm high
  • 4 bales of 70 cm high

The bale grab has 12 hooks that pick up the bales and 3 conical bushes for mounting the straight removable pins



  • all bales are being grabbed
  • the special developed hook of high quality steel turns deep into the bale and pulls this tight against the main frame
  • if the grab is tilted forwards, the bales will not fall off, thanks to the turning hooks

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